About Us

Free World Music founded concurrently in Paris and New York in 1989 is a longtime leader in the global independent music business, one a the few international music licensing companies, with extensive experience in the development, acquisition, and management of recorded music, as well as deep knowledge and understanding on how to license music for use in the film and television industry including library music.

Free World Music has become a worldwide presence, opening additional offices in London and Miami. We have built a diverse roster of artists, as well as a large historic catalog of works by some of the world’s greatest musicians, old and new, representing iconic copyrights such as, Pass The Dutchie (Musical Youth), Lickwood Means Rewind (Joseph Cotton – Jah Walton) or I’ll Never Grow Old (Toots & The Maytals).

With persistent and thorough administration of our copyrights through our main offices, as well as through our affiliates in over 100 countries, our songwriters,

composers and producers have earned royalties on major samples, covers, public performances, television shows, television ads, and film placements in both major markets and lesser-known territories.

In addition to our various publishing and Masters catalogs, we represent an extensive music library produced by Laurent Sauvagnac, a seasoned film composer for more than 20 years, who also discovered, shaped, and developed a multitude of writer/producer teams in all music genres.

The solid creative partnerships we have developed with our clients both on the artist side (producers, songwriters, musicians), as well as on the business side (film, television, and video game companies) define who we are as a company. We want to provide service and support to artists, while also getting their wonderful work out into the world. We believe in the power of music. Let us help you find the sound that fits.