Our Services

Music Publishing

Free World Music currently owns and represents copyrights spanning many music genres, including several international hits, covers and samples.

Our wealth of experience along with our rich and diverse catalog allows us to promote our artists through a broad range of multimedia strategies, creating and providing valuable opportunities.

Signing and representing songwriters and composers with creations dating as far back as the 1960s, along with new and upcoming stars, gives our administrative teams the strength needed for their voices to be heard when working with the various collection agencies to ensure we keep our copyrights active and relevant, especially in the current digital age.

When you need music, we’ve got the sound that fits
When you need music, we’ve got the sound that fits

Marketing & Creative Services

Free World Music works meticulously with music supervisors, agencies and other partners to synchronize music to several media such as films, TV programmes, Commercials, video games etc.

To promote your music and engage artists with your songs and compositions we keep a close relationship with managers, record labels, producers and the right industries partners worldwide.

Licensing and Digital

Free World Music provides licensing services for its songwriters and composers worldwide.

All the musical work we deliver has all rights cleared. It’s the essence of our work.

Our licensing team responds quickly to any requests with all the information needed, to clear the perfect song or composition for any project. We handle synch fees, which vary depending on the media requested, the territory of exploitation, and the duration of the usage. We negotiate licenses in a commercial-minded way.

Through traditional labels, other outlets, as well as digital music services, we provide and create possibilities to reach ever-growing audiences. from background music for video, music for films and much more.

When you need music, we’ve got the sound that fits
When you need music, we’ve got the sound that fits


We are constantly managing the ever-growing Metadata required for every song on all platforms or supports, the only way to collect streaming, downloads, and all digital revenues.

Our extensive network of offices worldwide allows us to monitor, collect and sometimes even recover royalties not only in the US but also in smaller territories as well.

Masters & Neighboring rights

Representing both master & publishing rights allows us to license music for videos, music for films, and have a huge selection of pre-cleared songs and compositions for our clients to choose from.

In addition to master rights, Free World Music also represents neighboring rights. As a direct member of various collection societies, we maximize income for our songwriters and composers.

When you need music, we’ve got the sound that fits